Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Valentine Sweet Valentine

                                              Pluto assured me
                                              he had nothing to hide
no interstellar entanglements
no comets on the side
my heart once in fragments
magnetized wholesome in unity

Peace settled with mirth
as joy replaced sorrow
on wings I flew
without thought for the morrow
shunned fear as laughter grew
shameless in her rebirth

until thoughts of love arose darker
like those of Dorothy Parker

Wednesday, January 31, 2018

How much more magnificent this, than countless cathedral chimes?

Rain drums

in syncopation

on alley walls

that cling
to their centuries
of grime

A patina
of voices

between lines

a limp
a patter of five

a stolen kiss
a fist meets flesh
a no nevermind

cutlery clatter
a screaming child
pigeons coo

motorcycle whines
a dip of ice cream
splats on stone shrine

sewer grates
lie quiet
beneath the rain