Wednesday, January 2, 2019

Solstice Visitor

Blood red moon in the depths of night
On solstice morn takes winged flight
To reappear upon your bonnet bright

Muted cries of war and pain
Soldiers, horses on battlefields slain
Through snowy fields carmine rivulets stain

Newborn babes from wombs emerge
White cloth vermillion hues will purge
Mothers’ placenta—an abandoned dirge

Beneath ocean foam and form
Cavernous shadows hide tides from the storm
Stinging fire anemone tentacles swarm

Hillside sparkles with crystalline snow
Children tumble, giggle, lose mittens and glow
Tummies flat pressed on Radio Flyers – Go!

Red pierces the day, the night, the dawn
Jolly peppermint ribbons stigmata drawn
Rubens, C├ęzanne capture crimson and brawn

Life trickles and tickles with mutinous ambition
Irrepressible—straining, maintaining commission
To join heaven and earth, bring peace to fruition

All this you told me with your round scarlet head
Perched at the feeder grateful to be fed
In you, celestial desire with innocence wed


Photo: public domain

This poem was written in North Carolina when I resumed poetry readings in 2010 after a long hiatus.

Friday, November 30, 2018


This fog bleeds grey and soft

cold sky breathes light

drops of silver rain

each fragile orb

clings an endless while

and of the universe sings

Such are our thoughts

—they pass through time

shimmer and yet gleam

long after the droplets

fall to earth to lie 

quiet and unseen

photo: goodbye November